Creative Arts Programme

Our Creative Arts programme here at Watering Whole incorporates elements of music, dance, drama and art, developing creativity, inspiring self-expression and building self-confidence through a variety of mediums.

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DANCEThe Watering Whole utilises visual art, story-telling, music, dance, theater games, props, play and more in a safe and welcoming environment to ignite the imagination and bring out the performer from within.

The curriculum has been specifically designed to foster each child’s social and emotional development by:

  • encouraging self-expression,
  • developing the imagination,
  • building self-confidence,
  • creating body awareness,
  • exploring emotions,
  • working on stage presence, voice control and projection.

The programme is run by Inger who has a background in music, theatre, art and performance. She studied Art at Kingston University in London, is a Certified Intellidance® Method teacher, and has an advanced diploma in Narrative Directing for film and television.

The Watering Whole Creative Arts Programme Includes:

  • Intellidance sessions – creative dance, movement, and music programme
  • Drama sessions – developing imagination and communication skills
  • Art appreciation sessions – stimulating interest and understanding in a variety of art forms as well developing a visual vocabulary.
  • Visual Art sessions – hands on exploring of different mediums and techniques
  • “Creating together” sessions – collaborative experiences in music, art and drama

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