“During a child’s earliest years, they have the potential to learn in a way that is never again possible in later life.”

Important note on the Preschool Closure from the Principal:

Since the pandemic we have sadly had to close our beautiful Watering Whole Holistic Preschool. We are therefore no longer processing any placements. We are still hoping to continue our journey in Early Childhood Development and have new adventures planned, including hopefully developing original online content to support families with children during their crucial early years.

Feel free to watch this space in the future if you may be interested or know of someone else who may be. For now however, we are charting a new course for our family and also spending time focusing on our own children’s early years and development.

Keep well and wishing you and your little ones all the very best!

Warmest regards,

Linda Brickhill
WWHP Principal

Watering Whole Holistic Preschool provides an eclectic, individualised, child-centred programme for children between the ages of 2-5 years. We are a small preschool with an excellent child to adult ratio, ensuring quality individual care and attention.

When working with children, it is impossible to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach and expect it to suit everyone. We are all unique individuals and expect to be treated as such, it is exactly the same with children…they need and desire to be recognised and treated for who they each are as individuals.

We have a holistic approach to each child’s development, which means we concentrate on all areas as equally important to a child’s learning and progress. Every learning opportunity, whether it is cognitive (brain), emotional/social (heart) or physical (body), is valued. We utilise an original 3 year curriculum that focuses on providing a broad range of learning opportunities during these crucial formative years, with the aim of ensuring each individual develops a solid foundation and strives to fulfil his/her learning potential. This means that children are wholly encouraged to develop or pursue their own passions, drives and talents in a way that strives to foster a true love of learning.

We make use of play, art, music, movement, stories, educational materials and the nature around us as tools for learning. Each child is allowed to guide their own learning and progress at their own pace. This enables them to gradually develop fundamental life skills, fine and gross motor skills, language and communication skills and work towards ‘school readiness’. Drawing from different teaching methods and principles, we incorporate Mindfulness, Developmental and Health Psychology, mainstream education, and the importance of “Emotional Intelligence”; creating an eclectic, individualised and child-centred programme that helps to give children the support they need during this fundamental stage in their lives.

For the older children (4-5 years), we provide a “Giraffe Extension Programme” with a focus on group projects, games, activities and tasks that provide opportunities for them to further develop their knowledge and skills in different areas. This is done with careful consideration for each child’s specific needs and is paced to compliment their own internal rhythms.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and open-minded preschool. We offer a nurturing, eco-friendly, safe space that celebrates the diversity of children and families in all their colours, shapes and forms.