Xhosa Programme

There are so many wonderful benefits of dual/multi-language learning at an early age. While learning a second or even third language not only provides a greater intercultural appreciation and sensitivity, research shows that children who study a foreign language also exhibit better problem-solving skills, enhanced memory, planning, multi-tasking skills and heightened creativity.

Watering Whole has weekly outsourced Xhosa classes from the very talented Thuletu! Her vibrant and fun personality is infectious and the kids absolutely LOVE her! Thuletu utilizes music, dance, instruments, props and play to help teach Xhosa in a fun, accessible and effective way.

In addition to these classes, morning show and tell sessions, ring-time songs, games, stories and the weather chart are regularly done in Xhosa, giving the children varied exposure to this beautiful language on a daily basis.

Weekly African Drumming and Marimba sessions are also filled with beats, dances and songs in Xhosa!