Safety and Security


The safety and security of children is one of our main priorities and as such we take it very seriously. The school itself is secured behind two gates, one of which is a steel framed gate with an electric lock and video intercom, the second gate is opened using a key code. We also have armed response provided at the school at the touch of a button if the need should ever arise.


Parents/guardians must provide the school with a list of names (with photographs and contact numbers) of people they will allow to collect their child/ren. No-one other than those on the lists provided will be allowed to collect the child/ren. In the event that someone other than those on the list comes to collect a child, parents/guardians are contacted to ensure consent is given before any child can be collected.


All our staff members are trained in First Aid and have taken courses geared specifically at dealing with emergency situations with young children/toddlers. We have first aid kits on hand and are just a phone call away from our emergency response services team.


Watering Whole Holistic Preschool is covered by “ER24 School 24 Honours Programme” – This provides all staff and children with free access to:

  • Telephonic Medical Advice and Information

A highly qualified team of medical and paramedical staff in the ER24 communication centre will assist with life saving or general medical advice and information.

  • Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, ER24 will respond to the scene of the incident and ensure that the patient is treated on the scene and prepared for transportation.

  • Emergency Medical Transportation

We will arrange and pay for the medical evacuation of the patient, by road or air, to the nearest most appropriate medical facility capable of treating the patient.

  • Medical Referral

Should it be required, we will provide a referral service to medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacies and dentists.

  • Guaranteed Hospital Admission

ER24  provides a refundable admission deposit guarantee of up to R5 000 to the admitting hospital upon request to ensure no delay in life saving treatment.

ER24 School24Honours also extends the service to children and school personnel whilst they are outside the school premises as follows:

  • Excursions under supervision by school personnel.
  • Whilst travelling to and from school by school bus or lift club


Please ensure you supply us with accurate and up to date information on your child that may be relevant to her/his well-being in an emergency situation!

Please note that we, at Watering Whole Holistic Preschool, do our absolute best to ensure every child’s safety and well-being, but unfortunately things can go wrong no matter what precautions are taken. What we can promise is that in the event of an emergency we will use our training and utilise the skilled professionals we hire to handle the situation, the very best we can.