brain body heart copy“By some estimates, there are approximately 200 billion neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. But only a small number of those neurons are connected at birth -just enough to enter the world and survive in our atmosphere. Those “factory-installed” functions include breathing, blood pressure, reflexes, digestion, and so on. The rest of the brain’s connections must be “wired.” And that happens at an intense rate, from the first breath to the first day of school. In fact, experts believe about 90 percent of the brain’s neural connections are in place by age five. In other words a child’s preschool years are the pivotal period for growing critical, livelong neurological capabilities.” – A Moving Child is a Learning Child (Gill Connell and Cheryl McCarthy)

Watering Whole has a holistic approach to each child’s development, which means we concentrate on all areas as equally important to a child’s learning and progress. Every learning opportunity, whether it is cognitive (brain), emotional/social (heart) or physical (body), is valued.

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