Extra-murals are additional optional activities that are offered to children at our preschool. Parents choose whether their child/ren partake in any/all of the activities and outside coaches/specialists are used and must be contacted separately for information on fees, signing up, general practices, etc.



 little kickers

 “Little Kickers” is an international programme developed by FA-qualified soccer coaches, pre-school teachers and paediatricians. They offer a professional programme geared specifically at the different developmental stages/abilities of the different age groups.

“We give your children a positive introduction to sport by teaching high quality football skills in a friendly, pressure-free environment. It’s the perfect way to ignite an enthusiasm for sport that will stay with them for life.”


The Chattertots™ Programme is a weekly 45 minute small group session delivered by a qualified speech and language therapist at your child’s schools. Through Chattertots™ we aim to boost / enhance  skills in the areas of speech, language, literacy and communication by visiting a special place called Chattertown. Chattertown is inhabited by 5 key characters who teach us all about the complex world of words, meanings, sentences, social interaction. Through weekly specially designed and graded activities we develop strong foundations for reading, spelling and academic success. Chattertots was designed by speech and language therapists in the UK and has been adapted to suit the South African context. The 3 year programme starts at Pre-RR and runs all the way to Grade R (we deliver an adapted version for Primary and High School learners) – children can join at any point and will ‘graduate’ at the end of each year as Chatter Champions – equipped and ready to listen, learn and COMMUNICATE