Watering Whole Holistic Preschool is run by a wonderful team of teachers who all work together to provide optimal care and a holistic, fun and loving learning environment for all the children here. We are  also aware of the ever evolving landscape of childhood development and like to keep up to date with all the latest research and developments. Therefore, we support all our teachers in continuing their education and feel it is vital that we still take the time out of our schedules to do further training.

Linda (Principal and Head Teacher)

My Background and Education:


I have always felt a special connection with children; and truly believe, as in the words of Maria Montessori herself, “Nearness to them brings out our best side” (The Absorbent Mind, 1995: 31). This is why I feel I have been drawn into the line of teaching, specifically teaching children.

At University I completed a Degree in Psychology and Gender Studies and it became clear to me from the very beginning that, not only was I extremely interested in the human factor relating to both my majors, but in particular how they related to childhood development and socialisation. I found myself particularly drawn to Health Psychology and Developmental Psychology, intrigued by different learning theories such as the Cognitive developmental theories of Piaget – with his ‘Stages of Development’, and Vygotsky  -with his focus on cultural mediation, as well as issues of gender socialisation and development.

Linda 2After completing my Undergraduate Degree, I went on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in the Intermediate and Senior Phase, also at the University of Cape Town. I then began my career teaching children in Primary School, between the ages of nine and twelve. After a few years however, I realised I was feeling drawn towards working with younger children and so wanted to further my studies and learn more about the earliest years in a child’s life.

So after leaving my post as a Primary School teacher, I began working at a preschool and enrolled in a correspondence course in Montessori Methods. Having already studied mainstream methods of teaching I was eager to learn something new. I had heard about Maria Montessori and felt fascinated by her philosophies to do with teaching children.

Having also received training in Emotional Intelligence and seen the positive effects of incorporating it in teaching young children, I believe it forms an important part of a healthy school environment. We therefore have a strong emphasis on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) here that is based on the latest research in Early Childhood Development and are constantly adding to and developing our EQ programme.

veg3My aim with this preschool is to incorporate all I have learnt and experienced – from Developmental and Health Psychology, mainstream education, Holistic education, Montessori methods and Emotional Intelligence; to develop an eclectic, individualised and child-centred programme that helps to give children the support they need during this fundamental stage in their lives.  

As a mother now too myself, I am acutely aware of how very precious and fleeting these early years are. We strive to appreciate each and every moment with all of our little ones here with us at the Watering Whole and treasure the opportunity to be on this adventure of learning and growth with them!

 Teacher Lisa:

 Lisa joined the WWHP team at the beginning of 2018 and has been a preschool teacher for the past ten years. She fell into teaching by chance after working in the corporate world and never looked back. She says she feels happiest when she is working with children. Lisa has a very natural and warm rapport with children as well as a wonderful, gentle and calming energy about her that the children respond so well to. She is currently a head Teacher here, heading our nature and science programme, as well as central to our Giraffe extension programme (for the older children, in their final year of preschool). Through her enthusiastic and engaging manner, she is contributing and adding valuable input in the many one on one and group teaching moments she is part of throughout the school day!

Teacher Nezi:

Nezi copy
Nezi has been with the Watering Whole since our inception. We like to call Nezi the “school mother” because of her particularly nurturing qualities. Many of the children like to go to Nezi for that extra bit of love, especially if they are missing home or have had a “bump”. She’s also rather a lot of fun and by far the best at hula hoops! Nezi helps to run the school Xhosa programme and does Xhosa Show and Tell twice a week, Xhosa ring-time once and week, and Xhosa small group focus time too!

Teacher Sam:

 Sam also joined the WWHP team in 2018 and has been a wonderful addition to the school. As part of our multi-language programme in the school, which helps children with a greater intercultural appreciation and cognitive skills, Sam infuses Afrikaans into the preschool morning. As well as assisting the other teachers and helping with art projects, Sam takes show-and-tell once a week in Afrikaans and story time once a week in Afrikaans too! Sam is such a reliable, fun and focused team player and therefore a wonderful fit to our school family here at WWHP. 

Teacher Inger:


Inger, oversees our Creative Arts Programme here at WWHP which incorporates elements of music, dance, drama and art, developing and inspiring creativity and self-expression through a variety of mediums.

Inger has a background in music, theatre, art and performance. She studied Art at Kingston University in London, is a Certified Intellidance® Method teacher, has an advanced diploma in Narrative Directing for film and television and has been working with children for the past six years with various creative programmes that focus on encouraging self-expression, developing the imagination, building self-confidence, creating body awareness and exploring various emotions.

Inger believes that teaching in this age group is an immensely rewarding and powerful vocation. She also has a strong interest in research based teaching practices that look at both brain and body development in these formative years.

Her portfolio includes:

  • BrainDance sessions
  • Intellidance sessions
  • Drama sessions
  • Art appreciation sessions
  • “Creating together” sessions – music, art and drama based
  • Writing and directing our end of year show
  • Our end of year art exhibition from our extension students

 Mama Ndumi

 Mama Ndumi started working with us in 2018 and is in charge of snack and background support here at the Watering Whole. She ran her own catering business for 5 years before working at a home based preschool for 10 years cooking and working as a teaching assistant. Ndumi’s passion is cooking and she is absolutely wonderful at it!