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 Connect, explore, play and discover together through music and dance!

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We at Watering Whole Holistic Preschool have a passion for early childhood development and what better way to share our passion further than to open our doors to parents/caregivers and their children with our Giraffes and Calves Programme.scarves smaller

Giraffes and Calves is offering an amazing creative dance programme called: Intellidance®. This award winning programme was created in Canada over 10 years ago and we are very excited to be the first to be bringing it to South Africa!
The programs are based on current best practices and recommendations in early childhood development and education, coupled with child and caregiver-approved fun! The program combines exploration and discovery with dance, music, and play designed to nurture our littlest dancers, while strengthening the caregiver-child bond! For more info you can go to

You can also join our facebook page here for lots of fun music and dance ideas to enjoy at home as well as interesting developmental topics!


 There are numerous studies that have shown the many benefits of music and movement programmes in early childhood development…from enhancing cognitive skills, language acquisition, fine and gross motor development to social-emotional skills.

How we choose to enrich our children in the first few years of life, is critical to how they will grow and develop. Sharing a love of music and dance at an early age is one of the greatest gifts we can give our little ones during these fundamental formative years.

 “My 11-month-old visibly enjoys the classes, he is so cheerful and happy. He loves the hands-on instruments and moves along to the music. For me, the class is the most relaxing time of the week, I forget about everything else and solely concentrate on my child and myself. I love to see him so happy and I love the different type of bonding we experience together: We connect on a completely different level through music and dance, other than we do in every day situations. Inger is an amazing instructor! The way she offers the playing, the singing and the dancing feels so light and natural that I feel like a child again.” – Baby Class Parent

All Intellidance® classes are run by Inger whose background lies in music, theatre and performance art. She currently also runs the drama programme here at the Watering Whole and is a certified Intellidance® teacher.


Here’s what Inger has to say:

“Someone once told me that from the moment your child is born, you spend the rest of your life slowly letting them go, until one day they are independent adults out on their own in the world…As a mother of two, I know all too well how fleeting these moments can be… from a baby who hardly wants to leave your arms, to a mobile toddler you can hardly keep up with!

At Giraffes and Calves we breathe, stretch, sing, dance, explore and play our way through these amazing moments together all the while nurturing our bond and supporting our child’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional development.”



Classes on offer:

Babies Circle 2

Intellidance® Babies

3-11 months

Come and learn how dance, music, and play can nurture early neural development, while strengthening the caregiver-baby bond! Each week will introduce a new development topic to help you understand how to support your baby’s growth. Dance and music concepts will be introduced through circle dances, free exploration, songs and rhymes, and sensory activities that help foster your baby’s cognitive, emotional, and physical health. Caregivers will delight in watching their little ones grow and learn while making friends and socializing with others.

Day and Time: Please contact for class times (45min-1hr)

Cost: R680 per term (8 classes)

 Tykes Circle 1

Intellidance® Tykes

12-23 months

Creeping, crawling, walking, bouncing! Your little one is now moving and exploring the world like never before. With busy little ones in mind Intellidance® Tykes will continue to focus on nurturing gross motor, emotional and social development, through movement concepts, circle dances, free exploration, songs and rhymes, and sensory activities. Caregivers will delight in watching their little ones curiosity and joy making friends and socializing with others.

Day and Time: Fridays from 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm (45min)


Fridays from 3:00 pme – 3:45 pm

Cost: R680 per term (8 classes)


 Intellidance® Tots

2-4 years

Intellidance® Tots offers a lively environment for independent movers and their caregivers, to experience the joy of dance and movement together. Kids love to figure things out, and this class will provide opportunities to problem solve together. Discover and explore movement concepts, while gaining balance, flexibility, and co-ordination. Animated story telling, songs and rhymes, instruments, props, and simple choreography will add fun and excitement!

Day and Time: Tuesdays from 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm (45min)

Cost: R680 per term (8 classes)

Kids circle 1

Intellidance® Kids

3-5 years (un-parented)

Intellidance® Kids is designed for children who are ready for a dance adventure! Kids will explore dance concepts through imaginative play while developing movement skills, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Instrumentation, sensory props, and simple dances will support the development of musicality and self-expression, helping all children become confident movers and shakers!

Day and Time:

Tuesdays from 1:00pm -1:30pm (30min)

Cost: R680 per term (8 classes)

     Class Schedule


Term 3 2017

Term 4 2017

Intellidance® Kids  Tues 1 Aug – Tues 19 Sept  Tues 10 Oct-Tues 28 Nov
Intellidance® Tots  Tues 1 Aug – Tues 19 Sept  Tues 10 Oct – Tues 28 Nov
Intellidance® Tykes Fri 4 Aug – Fri 22 Sept Fri 13 Oct – Fri 1 Dec
Intellidance® Babies  Please contact

  Please Note:

  • If class days and times are not suitable, and there is enough demand for another time and day, we may open another class.
  • The cost is R680 per 8 week term (which can be prorated if you start late, but not discounted for absenteeism once registered)
  • There is a once off registration fee for each child of R200
  • We have a maximum intake of 8 children per class. 
  • To register or for more info please contact: